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Ecommerce is the backbone of online business, there is hardly anything that one cannot get online. E-commerce website is a one stop shopping platform where customers can buy things through internet and get them delivered straight at their home. Magictym provide e-commerce solution which is cost effective, easy to maintain and contains everything that an e-commerce website can offer.

E-commerce Benefits

No Border Limitation

Online market doesn’t have to think about opening a shop in new locations. With the help of centralized system businesses can overcome the geographical limitations, the only need to run the business is an e-commerce website and start selling the products.

Less Cost

Shopping online always has its benefits like discounts and sale which can be access by website. Payment option are always there for the customer’s convenience. Having an online store always saves money on buying or renting a shop, which always come handy in expansion of the business.

No Travel Time and Cost

Online shopping saves a lot of time and money than traditional shopping method and customers can choose among many and from many vendors via e-commerce website and get the things delivered at their doorstep.

New Customers

Nowadays everyone like to search things online and with proper Search Engine Optimization(SEO) website can be on top of the search result which eventually led to good traffic and new customers and raise in sales/business.

No Time Bound

Online stores are always available 24*7 and 365 days throughout the year. It doesn’t matter at what time of hour the customer need to buy something, they can simply go to website and order things.

Comparison of Products

Customers can compare between their choice of products and can provide feedback of the products they buy online, so that other customers can get help from the feedback and buy accordingly.


Through marketing strategies like email, messages and social media, businesses can do the marketing of their online business to attract the current and new customers.

Why Select E-Commerce Websites?

  • It is easy to build an online business.
  • Takes less cost to start up.
  • No limitation of geographical locations.
  • Needs less employees than traditional shop.
  • Marketing is easy.
  • Great consumers market.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Making changes in the website and business protocol is easy.
  • Easy to catch the eye of new customers.
  • Available throughout the year and 24*7.
  • Customer care support.
  • Easy refunds/exchange.
  • Buying products online is cost effective.

Why Choose Us?

Having extensive experience in building E-commerce websites with industrial standards, Magictym provides a professional environment for building websites by following complete development lifecycle. We offer free maintenance for a time period to support the business in its crucial starting phase. With so many happy clients, we proudly provides our service to the current and new clients for their businesses for global presence.