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Online Complaint Management System provides an easy and systematic approach to register and track a complaint registered online. This way anyone can register their complaint without being physically present lodge their complaint. Complainer can track their complaint status in real time. It is hassle free system build for the convenience of the masses which really helpful in resolving the issue of the customer and satisfaction of the customer which in the end help the business.

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Features of Online Complaint Management System

  • Provide an easy accessible dashboard for the customers and the business.
  • Admin panel can control the system and view the complaints registered online.
  • Admin can Add, Edit and Delete engineers who will provide service to the customers.
  • Real time tracking of the complaints.
  • Create customer’s login credentials to register complaint.
  • Customer can provide feedback regarding the solution provided.
  • Customers can also check the history of the complaints.
  • Gives notification alert to the customers after the status of the complaint change every time.


Better Assistance to the customers

Having an Online Complaint Management System businesses can assist their customers in a better way. How the businesses are confronting their customer’s complaints gives a deep impact on the sales of the businesses. A better customer assistance program can help the business to gain the customer’s trust which is essential in reference for new customers.

Helpful in raising the Quality of the Product

Businesses can look in the system for the product for which most customers are complaining the most and can make the quality of the product up to the market and raise the sales of the product which will help the business in the long run and customer satisfaction.

Cost Effective Approach

Online Management System gives a cost effective approach to the business as few people can handle the system effectively rather than the traditional way of complaining. System can be handled very easily with minimum technical knowledge and complaints can be easily distributed to the desired department with minimal interaction and with proper tracking of the complaints.

Enhance the sales and profit

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of the business. With the help of Online Complaint Management System customer’s complaints can be easily handled and solution can be provided in a fast manner. Customer will be happier if solution can be given in a systematic and fast manner, this helps in increase the sales and profit because customers will always choose the product whose service is customer friendly.